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6 section 3 – slide 7 B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

The final presentation slides should include the following sections:

Section 1. Choose one travel destination or venue in Asia.

            Students will choose a travel destination in Asia of their choice. This section should include the following information:

A general description of its geographical location, map

Best time to visit and climate information

Historical background of the destination

Section 2. Choose a theme that your travel destination is known for

Students will choose a country and travel destination of their choice. After choosing the destination, students will focus on a specific idea, theme, tourism trend or venue of a city or region of that country. This section should include the following information:

A description of the tourism trend, event or venue

Entertainment/Leisure activities available

A description of the travelers visiting this place

Section 3. Identify the impact of COVID19 on this destination

What is the average travel population of this place before COVID-19?

How was this destination impacted due to COVID-19? What is the current state? (closed, event postponed, or re-opened after shutdown?)

Provide specific numbers or data that presents the impact. Please use external sources to find the quantitative measures to provide evidence. (Mintel, Statista, UNWTO, tourism bureau, government websites, quality statistical information, organizational information)


If the mega-event was canceled (ex. Tokyo Olympic), what is the cost of canceling this event? What is the future expected cost?

To describe the decrease in travel population, please provide what was the average number of travel population at this time of the year before COVID-19?

Please use a graph or table to illustrate the data.

Section 4. Recommendations for recovery and conclusion

Tourism experts expect that the industry will take 4-5 years to recover. Some destinations will recover faster than others, and some destinations may not successfully recover the past travel traffic. The rate of recovery and success depend on the actions and efforts.

This section should include following information:

Please give two specific recommendations to the city or managers of the travel destination. Please be specific on your recommendation.

What is the expected outcome of this recommendation?

Please summarize contents into few bullet points and make a conclusion with your opinion and thoughts.

Final deliverable:

12-15 Power Point slides for contents (excluding the title page, concluding page, references etc.) Recommended length of the PowerPoint is between 12-15 slides. Minimum of 12 slides. Please do not go over 20 slides.

This is the recommended length for each section, but the format is not restricted: 

Title page – name, destination, and topic

Section 1 – slide 1-3

Section 2 – slide 4-6

Section 3 – slide 7-10

Section 4 – slide 11-13

Concluding page

References (must site all the sources)

Appendix (if needed)