400 – 600 words 2 H u m a n i t i e s

400 – 600 words 2 H u m a n i t i e s

1. The essay must be in the range of 400 – 600 words

2. Please provide in- text citations to support your work (Author –> year, page #); As well as a works cited page (Chicago MLA)

3. I would like you to draw on specific excerpts from the readings. You do not need to quote passages verbatim, but you will be docked points for not referencing the book chapters / journal articles that are attached below (there are three). BE SURE TO REFERENCE CHARLES EASTMAN, LEWIS HENRY MORGAN, AND EDUARDO KOHN. You can paraphrase, or even cite. But, you need to highlight specific excerpts from the text to support your arguments.


– Morgan’s study of the Iroquois properly began after he had graduated from Union College. There he joined a secret society known as the Gordian Knot, whose members – all local young men – decided to reorganize it into one with an Indian motif. Consequently, after a chapter was organized at Waterloo, members of this chapter were styled Senecas and those at Aurora, Cayugas. (Aurora was located in what had been Cayuga territory and Waterloo in Seneca territory.) And when the two groups met together in August of 1843 at Aurora for what was to become the first of a series of annual August meetings, an Indian organization for the society was discussed further.

**** Looking at the work produced by Lewis Henry Morgan, how is it different in form and structure from the work produced by Charles Eastman? More specifically, how are they choosing to represent the cultural practices and traditions of the respective groups in question? Keeping in mind the research conducted by Eduardo Kohn, what does ethnography gain from these early anthropological works? Be sure to include a thesis statement, and provide specific examples from the text to support your answers. ***