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Group Discussion 5 – Dis 5 – 2

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Information Needs of Managers Prompt:

This discussion will be slightly different than the rest. This time you will fill out the information needs table that is attached next (Please click here to download the Word document Information Needs Table). After you fill out the table, please attach it to your initial post (your initial post can just be your name along with the attached document).

In order to complete the table consider these three positions at McDonald’s: retail store manager (in charge of the day-to-day operations at one store), district manager (responsible for the operations at multiple stores), and president of McDonald’s North America (in charge of operations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico). Each one has different information needs. Below is a list of systems that can satisfy those needs (please look back at your readings for more information or do additional research).

  • Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)
  • Office Automation Systems (OAS)
  • Knowledge Work Systems (KWS)
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Executive Support Systems (ESS)

In order to complete this assignment you need to:

  1. Provide a description of each of the systems (column in table)
  2. For each job position you need to identify at least two of the systems that they might use and then explain how they would use that system.
    1. This will leave some blanks in the columns for each position, which is ok.

**After your initial comment, please respond to at least two of your fellow group members and then continue a conversation. Please see the discussion rules and instructions below.**

Discussion Rules:

We are here to learn and not argue, attack, be rude, or belittle each other. With that said, we can have disagreements (that is partially how we learn!), but we need to show respect to one another. If your posts violate these rules or is unprofessional, you will receive a zero on the discussion and will be contacted by your TA or myself.


Answer or complete the above prompt. To earn points you will need to post an initial comment (answer to the prompt), at least two response posts (respond to other students), and then continue some of the conversations. Below are some guidelines:

Initial Comment: This post needs to be 200 words or more and should answer the prompt or question provided in this discussion. Your initial post should be original and not a copy of what someone else has posted.