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There should has two post : one original own post, and one response post to classmate.( you just need to do response post)


This week is all about health behaviors! Why are they so difficult to change?

For this week’s discussion board, reflect on a health behavior you have tried to change in the past. Examples could be: trying to eat healthier, exercise more, establish a meditation routine, or – as one of the newest health behavior changes we were all asked to do – wear a face mask. Please write a short essay-type response to this prompt, highlighting the challenges you have encountered and how you have overcome them (or not). Tell us what you would do differently the next time you will attempt a behavior change. Make sure to include at least one thing you have learned in this weeks readings/videos. Your response to this prompt has to be at least 50 words long to receive credit.

Make sure to include at least one thing you have learned in this weeks readings/videos.

(Do not post the first thing that comes to mind an hour before the deadline! Each post (the original and the response posts) must include at least 50 words to receive credit (see grading rubric on the class website for details). Note that to write a good post you might have to use more words, this is just the absolute minimum required. )

Lecture video:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_JxqH0eeEG…

Example :

Classmate A’s post:

Since the beginning of quarantine, I have tried to incorporate mindfulness mediation into my morning and nightly routine. I had been having issues with concentrating ever since the beginning of quarantine, as I typically utilize coffee shops or libraries for studying and I associate my home with relaxation and rest. This lead to difficulties with starting my studies and maintaining concentration throughout. So I had been reading about how mindfulness meditation has been shown to help with concentration and decided I would give it a shot. In the beginning I found it quite easy to maintain the routine as I saw immediate benefits reflected in my ability to maintain concentration. However, I have since had issues maintaining the routine and continue to make excuses for myself.

I think what I would do differently this time around is incorporate some changes based on the transtheoretical model of behavior change. I feel my main issues are with maintenance which is stage 5, and I learned what helps from this weeks lecture is support from people who also practice the healthy behavior. So I think what I could possibly do this time around is to convince a friend/family member to do meditation with me so that way it can keep me accountable.

Classmate B response to A:

Hi A,

I enjoyed reading your take on this. You made an interesting point that I think many students can relate to- “I typically utilize coffee shops or libraries for studying and I associate my home with relaxation and rest.” Many students I’ve talked to are not able to focus at home for multiple reasons, this being one. I’m used to having my designated space for learning and studying. Having to do all this in my room- where I usually relax and unwind- has been a big change. With the help of my psychologist I’ve been trying to utilize mindfulness and meditation techniques as well. There’s a lot of easily accessible information online for anyone interested!

I think it’ll be wonderful for you to practice these techniques with a friend or family member. You could FaceTime a friend hahah. I hope you are able to maintain the behavioral change!

Classmate C response to A:

Hi A,

I found it really interesting how you talked about the way you associate home with relaxation and rest because I feel like I do the same thing as well. I also often went to libraries and coffee shops to study pre-covid, and now I find myself struggling to study and get work done. Additionally, I think this can relate to how classes in person can offer some structure for us, since we are sitting in an environment where we shouldn’t be relaxing/resting. Personally, since everything has been virtual, it’s a lot harder for me to focus during lectures since there are so many distractions. I’ve also been trying some mindful meditation for another class, and I definitely see the benefits for it! I hope you’ll continue maintaining your meditation! In addition, I definitely think having a friend or family member do it with you is a great way to hold yourself accountable and make it more enjoyable! I know that personally, having someone work out or eat healthier with me has helped me in the past to stick with a routine and be held accountable, so I hope that this would work for you too. Good luck!

Classmate D ‘ post:

A health behavior I have struggled with, especially during 2020, is exercising on a regular basis. To refer to the Trans-theoretical Model of Behavior Change, I had reached the “action” stage, where I was working out regularly and trying to maintain my behavior. I ended up falling out of routine, then found myself incredibly sick at the hospital. After recovery, I expected to jump back in to stage 4 of action. I quickly realized that my body was no longer capable of achieving the same goals as before, so I was knocked back to stage 1: pre-contemplation. I’ve faced multiple challenges trying to get into maintaining an exercising routine. The first struggle would obviously be my health limitations. This time around, I need to practice patience. Rather than being stubborn and trying to overwork my body, I should take small steps each day to slowly reach my goal. Another struggle has been covid, and the overall lack of resources it has brought on. Since gyms are closed, I’ve had to buy whatever equipment I can afford and make enough space for myself at home. I need to build a routine and reach out for support so that I am encouraged to do what I know I am capable of achieving.

Classmate E reply to D:

Hi D,

I too have struggled maintaining a consistent workout schedule. I am so sorry to hear about the struggled that have gotten in your way of maintaining a constant routine. I think that your new approach to finding a constant workout routine will be extremely helpful moving forward. One thing that I really took from the lecture is the theory of planned behavior. In this theory it talks about the importance of understanding the positive consequences of our behavior. For me I forget to realize how good consistently working out is for my physical and mental health and therefore struggle to motivate myself. I would suggest establishing a good reason for working out that is meaningful to you. Establish your WHY so that you have that to fall back on when you don’t feel motivated to be consistent in your routine. Great post.

Classmate F’s post :

Through quarantine I have been trying to change a lot of health behaviors because I have been given a lot of time to reflect on myself and my lifestyle habits. I think the biggest health behavior I have changed is daily exercise. Since before quarantine I have tried to stay on a regular schedule of exercising throughout the week but always stopped 2-3 weeks in. Whether it was because of other obligations or not I never got into a routine that stuck. however, once shelter in place went into effect and people were forced to stay at home I realized I could not continue to ignore the gym equipment we have at home. Slowly we created a home gym and there was no longer any reason I could not work-out. My aunt and I became gym buddies and we have since worked out 4-5 days every week! This health habit has really helped me through such a stressful time. It forces me to step away from my computer and take a break to do something beneficial for my mind and body.

However, while I have been working out more regularly my eating habits have not changed :(! As we learned in lecture because health habits are independent and unstable it is hard for me say I am being truly healthy because I feel that my working out is being countered by my far-from-great eating habits! For me it was easier to get up and work out than it is to stop eating junk food. I think this is because I link this kind of comfort food with stress from quarantining and boredom from sitting at home most of the day! While I am working on fixing this habit as well there is still a lot I need to change!