15 ▪ followed directions ▪ used correct mla H u m a n i t i e s

15 ▪ followed directions ▪ used correct mla H u m a n i t i e s

1.Critical thinking assignment

Critical Thinking Rubric

There will be 4 critical thinking assignments for this course and the rubric will be the same for each. Each assignment is based on a chapter in the text. While these assignments are about your own thinking, you may use information from the text. I prefer to see you use your own words. If you use more than two quotes, you will lose points. If you do use quotes, you MUST cite them correctly in MLA or APA style to avoid plagiarizing. Please submit through the link on Blackboard.

General Guidelines:

Each critical thinking assignment should be between 300-350 words double spaced.

Please submit as a WORD attachment.

Please ONLY use the TEXTBOOK. Do NOT use outside sources or points are deducted.

Grading is based on content and style. See the rubric for specific details.

Critical Thinking Assignment Rubric- 75 points – I will use this rubric to grade the assignments so you know what I am looking for in the essay.


1. First paragraph: clearly explained the concept historically_/20

2. Second paragraph: clearly analyzed the relevance of the concept in the present _/20

3. Third paragraph: clearly described the relevance of the concept in the future_/20




used correct MLA or APA including in-text citations to avoid plagiarizing

double spaced

submitted as WORD attachment– do not submit as a PDF

stayed within the 300-350 words requirement

correct spelling and grammar throughout including paragraphs

each paragraph must be a minimum of three sentences

instructor could read and understand what you wrote

essay was well organized and easy to follow

name included

only used textbook

essay was well balanced with questions clearly answered

Overall point total:__/75

2. Discussion board post and 2 peer response.

Please follow and use the information provided

Read Chapter# 3
The discussion board question
: What do you feel is a good balance between national and state governments in regards to power sharing?