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14 paper fully follows apa style related B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

  • Introduction

    Finish designing a campaign that utilizes visual communication.

    Include a cover sheet, body, and references. The body text should be about 8 pages of text, double-spaced. Note that this page limit does not include the actual images themselves, but simply applies to the text of the paper (since image sizes may vary I don’t include page guidelines for the whole paper). Follow APA style. Be sure to incorporate any prior feedback you have received.

    The body of your paper should include the Campaign Overview and Images sections. The Campaign Overview section should include the following (make sure to incorporate any feedback you have received on prior assignments):

  • 1. Problem or Opportunity: Describe the problem or opportunity that a communication campaign using visual communication will address. Explain how it formed, who it affects, and where it is occurring.

    2. Sponsor: Profile the sponsor, that is, the funder of the communication campaign, providing the name, date of establishment, and mission; the sponsor must be an existing organization or individual that has information that you can review online and that can serve as a “client” (cite a main “About Us” page or something similar).

    3. Target Audience: Identify 1 primary target audience for the campaign. Explain why this target audience is relevant to your campaign.

    4. Behavior: Discuss what you want the primary target audience to do as a result of being exposed to the campaign, limiting yourself to one behavior. For example, perhaps you want a primary target audience of consumers to buy a product, adopt a healthy habit, or vote for a political candidate or referendum. Also discuss how the behavior relates to your sponsor (e.g., why they would desire the behavior).

  • 5. Channels: Specify at least 2 types of mass communication channels you will use to disseminate your images. Explain why these channels would be appropriate for your campaign and target audience.

    6. Message Concepts: Describe your “Big Ideas,” that is, three major message concepts. Often these will relate to benefits that one will experience as a result of enacting the behavior, or costs that one can overcome in order to carry out the behavior. These are the ideas that will help motivate your target audience to adopt the behavior. For an example of this, you can re-watch the lecture from the first week of class that overviews the project.

    The Images section should contain the following:

    1. 5 images other than an infographic: Show and describe 5 examples of the types of images you plan to use. As with the Campaign Overview Sample Image assignment, the 5 images you submit should be original to the campaign, but they can use existing assets that were found online or in other existing media. Images submitted for your final paper should be uniquely relevant to the campaign and should reflect an understanding of how they connect with the campaign’s target audience, behavior, channel, and message concepts. These connections should also be discussed in the description of your campaign images. Please draw and cite from the readings from the class as well as external sources to justify your choices of images. You should plan to use a minimum of 10 sources for the whole paper, which can include both course readings and relevant external material (e.g., journal articles, relevant web resources, etc.). The bulk of these sources should be used to explain your choice of images. Be sure to incorporate any relevant feedback you have received on prior assignments, and expand this section substantially.

    2. 1 infographic: Show and describe your infographic. Explain how it connects with the campaign’s target audience, behavior, channel, and message concepts. Please draw and cite from the readings from the class to justify your choices of infographic features. Be sure to incorporate your instructor’s feedback on the previous assignment.


    Following is the grading rubric:

    Criteria Possible Points Earned Points
    Campaign Overview section is revised as appropriate based on prior assignments and is fully polished. 8
    Images section shows and describes 5 types of images, including 1 infographic. The types of images are specific and appropriate for the campaign and target audience. The descriptions are robust enough so that the hypothetical client can “see” the images with minimal effort. 8
    Images section explains how the images connect with the campaign’s target audience, behavior, channels, and message concepts.tt 12
    Images section specifically draws from and cites relevant class readings, demonstrating an accurate understanding of the concepts. Images section uses additional sources to explain why the images were chosen for the campaign. 14
    Paper fully follows APA style related to formatting, mechanics, and citation. Paper is clear, well-organized, and transitions well between sections. Writing is strong, persuasive, and polished. 8
    Total 50