1 ( figure10 ) sample income form B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

1 ( figure10 ) sample income form B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

The proposal – sometimes called the Project Charter – should explain the background of the organisation where this project will be carried out, the objectives of the project and the importance of this project to the organisation. A Charter includes a business case, milestone schedule, as well as any major or anticipated risks with this project if known at this stage.

1.Must be a real company, the project can be implemented。

2 ProposalWriting pdf material which I give you is very important, please refer to it and then write

3.Each planning steps refer to ProposalWriting pdf 10 page

4.must have

  • Preparing an Activity Plan Activity Plan in a Table(figure8)
  • A Gantt Chart (figure9)
  • A Resource Plan for Activity 1.1(figure10)
  • Sample Income Form (in EUR) (figure11)
  • Sample Expenditure Form (in EUR) (figure12)

The project must be of commercial consequence which demands a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, and could be from one of the following categories depending on the type of business a student is involved in:

  • An organisational project that a student is involved in as the organisation’s mainline of business – to manage projects for your organisation or on behalf of others.
  • An activity that a student is convinced would benefit from being handled as a project.
  • An activity in which a student was involved in the past that was not carried out as a project, but one which you believe would have been managed better as a project. If you use this option you should describe how you would execute this activity now using the knowledge gained through this unit.

The Project should NOT be:

  • a wedding event project developing an App
  • the implementation of a change management initiative
  • a Not-for-Profit event
  • the establishment of a restaurant
  • a farewell event.


  1. The project must be undertaken in New Zealand and use New Zealand currency.
  2. As this is a piece of academic work, students are required to describe the purpose of each section of the Charter in paraphrased text, appropriately referenced to the prescribed textbook and/or readings. Failure to do so will result in a reduction of marks for each marking criteria where this is not performed.