000 sq ft new home W r i t i n g

000 sq ft new home W r i t i n g

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The Environmental Chapter has many important parts – here is one that is surprising not in your textbook – how historic preservation is a key part of the environment debate.

The “greenest homes are the ones already built” – how is tearing down an 80 year old 1,500 sq ft bungalow or Spanish Revival home and throwing it in the landfill (one third of our landfill is construction debris), building a 5,0000 or 6,000 sq ft new home with a few “green” features good for the environment?

A Little Background:
Environmental Sustainability
Historic preservation is an effective tool for valuing and protecting our environmental resources, including those that have already been expended as well as those not yet used. Because it encourages us to reuse sound older buildings instead of abandoning or demolishing them, and to revitalize existing neighborhoods instead of building sprawling new subdivisions, preservation is “recycling” on a grand scale.

The Costs of Building Construction and Demolition
The United States is responsible for 22% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, though we have only 5% of the world’s population. In the United States, building construction and operations account for 48% of Greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency of Historic and Older Buildings
It is often assumed that older and historic buildings are “energy hogs” and that it is more environmentally friendly to demolish these buildings and construct new energy efficient buildings than to preserve these existing buildings. However, recent work indicates otherwise. Recent calculations indicate that it takes about 65 years for an energy efficient new building to save the amount of energy lost in demolishing an existing building.


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Write a 3 to 5 page paper answering the following questions:

1. What is Historic Preservation and why is it important today? Give at least three specific examples

2. Who is Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO), what is their mission? Give at least three examples of HOW they educate, advocate and preserve important and historic sites and cultural resources in San Diego County.

.3. How does historic preservation help our environment? Give at least three specific examples.

4. Name three ways that you can restore older homes and keep them “green”. Replacing original wood windows (made of old growth wood that will last over 200 years is NOT an answer). Be specific and give examples.